Located in one of the largest binational communities in the world, The University of Texas at El Paso is unique among research institutions. UTEP is proud of its multicultural locale and long history of fostering diversity — these characteristics make the campus of more than 23,000 students one of the most friendly and welcoming university settings anywhere. In 2014 UTEP will commemorate its Centennial Celebration and Baja SAE UTEP 2014 will be part of this milestone celebration.

The 2014 Collegiate Design Series will consist of three Baja SAE races: Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, KA), The University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso, TX), and the Caterpillar Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center (Peoria, IL). Along with the American teams, UTEP will host teams from: Canada, Mexico, India, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and South Africa.

Your support and contribution will not only impact 1,200 competitors, but UTEP alumni and professionals from the El Paso community as well. Your contributions and cash or in-kind, will be deductible as a gift to UTEP. These will be recognized, publicized and celebrated accordingly, throughout the event planning and during the competition.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor click here to download our sponsorship packet.


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