The University of Texas at El Paso is seated amidst the Chihuahuan desert, providing a natural landscape with ideal conditions for a Baja competition. The terrain is rough and rocky, ranging from smaller stones to unbreakable bedrock to tough boulders. The hot, dry climate of the area provides the land with scattered various cacti and other desert plants, including yucca, creosote, agave, and ocatillo, among others. Our track disturbs the native grounds as little as possible, following the natural curves, hills, and dips to create a genuine and challenging course. The trackway will be marked off and cleared as much as is necessary to allow for vehicle margins and passing. We will also have a practice course to accustom the vehicles to the terrain. The unyielding desert landscape will both challenge and thrill our competitors as they race against the terrain itself and the other Baja opponents.

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